How it works

This is a marketplace and we often have no control over inventory. While we do the best we can to keep the availability of each board up to date, there is the slight chance that a board displayed on this website will not be available.

By submitting a payment through, you are agreeing to authorize a payment. Your card will not be charged initially. As soon as an order comes through we will work with you to make sure the board is the right fit. Then if the board is not part of SHAPYR inventory, we will contact the shaper to check on board availability. In the case that it has been sold, you will receive an email notification. Your card will not be charged. We can put you in touch with the shaper who will then hopefully be able to offer something similar, or a custom shape.

If the board is currently available, we will work on organizing local pickup or shipping. Your card will not be charged until an agreement has been reached and the board has been picked up, or is shipped with a tracking number and adequate insurance.

If there are any questions regarding our policies, or any recommendations, please use the contact page. We are a small operation and only want the best experience for both the buyer and the shaper.